December 20

Painting is an open door for me– i think what i want, and i feel anything as i please: beautiful or not, understood or not. like some people trust religion for compassion, i trust art. i recently read an interview of Viola Davis in The New Yorker.  She talked about her days at Juilliard and receiving a grant from Juilliard to study in Gambia. She discusses how art was not separated from life. "It wasn't about technique; it was about the soul. In their zest for life, their need to connect to each other and to God–everything they did was done with extreme passion." In this same interview, Viola Davis also describes her powerful gift of acting, "My gift is exposing. Exposing mess–the humanity, the vulnerability of what it means to be human. I think that is what acting is all about." I describe my gift of painting as a pursuit towards the 'unknowing' and my sense of 'unknowing' is an association that exists as pure imagination that is expressive. And in my own way, i too am exposing the mess of what it means to be human, to be vulnerable. 

I get seduced by my work. I become uninhibited in the process of each painting. I go back to feeling naked and honest so i can catch myself. Catch each feeling: desperation, anger, ugliness, loneliness, fear, worry, pretending, doubt, sadness, hardness, longing, love, laughter, calm, warmth, faith, joy, mysticism, light, beauty, spirit and God. In this painting, i'm capturing it all. i have unmasked myself, sat it all on the line, put them in a box for everyone to see.